Prison and Reentry Archive

Since 2013 I’ve been collecting work created in collaboration with people who are incarcerated, who study in jails and prisons, or were once incarcerated. An evolving library of that work is below. Note: Images in these pdfs may not display when viewed in Chrome.

This work will soon be migrated to a more permanent web archive that will include a wider array of materials related to mass incarceration and its impact on communities.

Joint VCU/ RCJ Visual Poetry:


Joint VCU / RCJ zines:

Issue 1
Issue 2
Issue 3
Issue 4

RCJ zines:

The Hole v. 1
The Hole v. 2
The Hole v. 3
The Hole v. 4
The Hole v. 5
The Hole v. 6
The Hole – Holiday Edition

Zines by incarcerated people throughout the state:

The Whole
The Bard
The Hole RNCC 
The Hole: Dissidence
The Shu

.Pdfs of our work at Offender Aid and Restoration of Richmond:

First Friday Zine