I’m variously a speculative fiction fan, community arts enthusiast, teacher and curricular design worker, criminal justice reform advocate, supporter of all things cyberpunk, and committed companion species. I currently work as an Associate Professor in the Department of Focused Inquiry at Virginia Commonwealth University. I’m term faculty however, and give the academy the same faith as it gives me: some, when convenient. From 2014-2017 I served as the curriculum and textbook coordinator for UNIV111/112, the university’s year-long interdisciplinary freshman seminar, and college representative on the University’s general education redesign task force.

As a graduate student I studied Russian and Irish poetry, interdisciplinary studies, and narration of trauma. In Russia and Ireland I had a chance to witness localized conflicts informed by larger political transitions, and through this I developed an interest in how writing and publishing allow individuals opportunities to counter the narratives offered by political and judicial systems. Today I’m most interested in counter-storytelling, alternative publication, and narrative method in conflict analysis. You can download a pdf of my full CV here.

I’m often present at sites of public debate where I’m told by those I don’t know well to get a job. I take community feedback seriously, so to cover my bases I’ve added the following jobs to my current full-time employment: I volunteer as a teacher in the Richmond City Justice Center Programs Department, I serve as a board member and volunteer at Opportunity Alliance Re-entry,  as a member of the programming team for the Community Justice Film Series, and as a writer for the Kenya Gibson for School Board campaign.

I’m an inter-disciplinarian at heart, and where I live online you’ll find me writing and sharing content about a range of issues:

  • incarceration reduction and reentry support,
  • public education,
  • narrative method in conflict analysis and testimonial writing,
  • arts communities (especially independent production and publication),
  • Russian literature,
  • digital humanities,
  • textiles,
  • and speculative fiction.

Please don’t hesitate to keep in touch! kreed at vcu dot edu.