Justice for Marcus-David Peters

The family of Marcus-David Peters held a press conference this afternoon to respond to the Richmond City Police’s defense of the Marcus’s killing. Thank you to everyone who is supporting the family at this time. There will be a community gathering tomorrow at 2nd Street Baptist Church from 2-4 pm. Please join us.

APV tonight!

Tonight I’ll be speaking with the Alliance for a Progressive Virginia on criminalization of sex work and its impact on policy to combat human trafficking. Join us!

Morning Announcements:

If I were a teacher in this school, or any Negro school, and I was dealing with Negro children, who were in my care only a few hours of every day and would then return to their homes and to the streets…I would try to teach them—I would try to …

What we can do

Trump is president elect. My classes are full of tearful students asking what can be done. In truth I have no idea, and very few of us truly do I suspect. It will be some time before anyone gets their footing. This seems true of everyone I encounter, even though …

Checking in and Catching up

I’ve barely written at all this year, on my VCU site or on any of the other spaces I frequent online. I think the only online space that’s seen much of me lately is Twitter, in part because it’s so merciful for people who are low on resources. Over the next …