Victory for Public Housing Residents as TK Somanath is Forced to Resign

Tonight Richmond public housing residents and advocates celebrated a significant victory: TK Somanath stepped down as CEO of the Richmond Redevelopment and Housing Authority (RRHA). I have written about Somanath before, when he threatened to deny residents suspected of illegal activity due process by using extrajudicial evictions in the supposed …

City government held a press conference about violence in public housing. It was nothing short of horrifying.

I am checking in with my people this morning about the mayor’s press conference yesterday. We are horrified. I believe you should be too. Here’s why: Our mayor believes this conversation should not be led by discussion of policy There is no city government-led conversation about community violence that sits outside …

Sanctuary Cities are Safer Cities

Friday the Times Dispatch reported news that, even my own pessimism didn’t have the foresight to anticipate: Attorney General Jeff Sessions is scheduled to visit Richmond on Wednesday to speak with federal, state and local law enforcement officials about “efforts to combat violent crime and restore public safety,” the Department of Justice announced Friday …

Virginians: VA Budget and NVM on MLK Day

New Virginia Majority invited community organizers and Virginian constituents to use the 2017 Martin Luther King day to approach their representatives and demand change in the following areas: Criminal Justice Reform and Rights Restoration Voting Rights Immigrant Rights Affordable Higher Education, Lowering Student Debt Economic Justice: Medicaid Expansion, Raising Minimum Wage …

Petition on Parole Review

Commission on Parole Review, Brian Moran, VA Secretary of Public Safety, Mark Earley, former VA Attorney General, Levar Stoney, Secretary of the Commonwealth: Virginia Voters Demand Parole Reinstatement and Repeal of Truth in Sentencing:

I’m not normally one for petitions, but I’m sharing this one because the last meeting of the Governor’s Commission on Parole Review is this month. 

So far public turnout for these sessions has been very low, in part due to time and access. I don’t want public support for parole reinstatement to be overlooked for this very important public issue. Sign and circulate as you feel comfortable.

Dominic Barter

“My understanding is that when any of us are together for a certain period of time, a justice system starts to emerge, and if we don’t consciously choose the justice system that we’d like, the way in which we resolve our differences and disputes, then we will simply inherit the justice system in which we’ve been educated.”
– Dominic Barter

I’m getting ready to co-facilitate a workshop on restorative justice capacity building in Richmond at the CRE conference in DC next month.