Breakbeat Poetry

This week my Culture | Counterculture class is set to start reading The Breakbeat Poets, which offers me something I haven’t had in a while: poetry. I spent a lot of my younger life on poetry, but the past few years have left me uncertain where we stand. Poetry first took me to …

This is what we need to make it through the week


As we face fear in these times, and fear is all around us, we also have anti-fear. It’s hard to imagine or measure. The background radiation is simply too static to be able to be seen under the normal spectral analysis.


I love you guys! See you in class!

Poetic Personas

While we’re thinking about poetic personas this week I thought I’d remind us that the “Anti-Surveillance Feminist Poetry Hair and Makeup Party” was/is a thing! Check their righteous doings, and then have a look at the portrait gallery on Emily Raw’s site.

A Set Theory of Poetry

A few years ago I grew intensely interested in set theory. Here’s a quick sense of rundown set theory works, and why I like it for thinking about poetry (caveat lector: I’m no mathematician). There are mathematical concepts that are tough to study. One such concept is infinity. What is it? …

What is Poetry…

What is Art? What is Typing? This is the sort of thing that landed me in grad school. Twitter poetry wars are gateway learning. If we can have songs without sound, can we have poems without words? #vizpoem — Tom Woodward (@twoodwar) May 20, 2015 This tweet kicked off …

Inside/Outside Politics

“The gap between the poetry she wrote and the poetry she contained was, for Natalie, something unsolvable.”

– Shirley Jackson, from Hangsaman.