Richmond for All

I’m incredibly proud today to be standing alongside a coalition of organizations committed to building a more just Richmond and a more just Virginia through public school, housing, and environmental advocacy. This morning our coalition released a statement against the proposed coliseum redevelopment project, which is led by Tom Farrell of Dominion Energy.

Put kids before coliseums. Build a Richmond for all.

I’ve written elsewhere about Mr. Farrell’s disproportionate influence over our public schools. This week I was lucky to join a roomful of community activists who are fighting the undemocratic influence of both Mr. Farrell and Dominion energy in their own communities — public housing advocates facing displacement, rural Virginia residents facing environmental destruction wrought be pipeline damage, public school advocates seeking funding from public coffers that Mr. Farrell seems to control.

Read our statement, add your name, and then join us December 10th at Richmond City Council to tell our elected representatives to put people before profit.

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