RPS walk in, 7:55am on May 8th

Virginia public schools have been defunded, eliminating essential support staff like nurses and social workers, driving up suspensions and judicial referrals, emptying classrooms of supplies, degrading infrastructure, and reducing outcomes for students and families.

Virginia public colleges and universities have also been defunded, reducing expenditures on instruction, converting staff into underpaid part-time labor, pushing faculty into poverty wages, pushing students into classrooms that educate hundreds at a time, and reducing educational access for all through sky-rocking tuition rates.

Across Virginia’s educational spectrum we’re pushing schools toward corporate management models that gut instruction and education, reallocating resources to high-cost administrators who perpetuate the cycle and call it “innovation.” We need more solidarity across the full spectrum of public education. It’s time to reclaim our schools.

On Tuesday, May 8th Richmond Public School teachers and staff will be walking in. This statement of solidarity invites RPS workers, parents, students, and local residents to tell our elected leadership that we take education seriously. We want full funding and democratic control of our schools.

Higher education organizers: join us! Our fight is one fight. We want to see better outcomes in education across our city and across the state.

  • Where: Any of the 13 participating RPS schools (list coming soon!).
  • When: 15 minutes before the start of the school day: 7:55am.
  • What: Show up! Wear red! Bring signs! Support teachers, parents, and kids in transforming their schools.
  • Here’s a link to the facebook event. NOTE that this event will post a live video tonight (Wednesday May 2nd) at 7pm giving full details and advice for participants.

I hope to see you there.

Poster for the May 8th RPS Walk-in. "Wear red for ed"

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