Like public schools, public housing demands robust democratic governance

Leaders of the New South led a rally this evening in support of RRHA tenants who have left out in the cold, literally and figuratively, by city government. For years our city has ignored the demands of public housing tenants, and the results of this systemic neglect has never been clearer than over the last week when temperatures dropped to single digits and tenants watched thick sheets of ice cover the interior walls of their apartments.


Attendees listen to speakers at the rally for RRHA residents in Richmond.

The rally was a win for tenants, and I’m incredibly excited to see what comes next for tenants and advocates. Photos are below.

I’ve written a more developed assessment of the rally and its significance for public education advocates over at the Community Justice Film Series blog. I’ve covered ongoing discussions about public housing at that site previously in my posts “Toward a new grassroots” and “Join activists in demanding Solutions that will work” and on this site at “City government held a press conference…


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