New course for spring 2016: “Podcasting While Black”

Amazing students:

Chioke I’Anson will be offering a course this spring that promises to introduce you to exciting content, teach you empowering skills, and overall be very valuable indeed. Details below.

AFAM 491: Podcasting While Black. Tuesdays, 4-6:40pm.

Podcasts are growing in popularity in the US and becoming more profitable. Many popular podcasts are run by people of color, such as Postbourgie, Code Switch, Still Processing, 2 Dope Queens, and of course Denzel Washington is the Greatest Actor of All Time Period. These podcasts manage to advance issues of social justice while also being highly entertaining and insightful.

Podcasting can help students gain and refine a number of skills necessary for success outside of the academy. Making a podcast requires having a creative voice, a good show concept and the ability to complete complicated projects using mixed media.

In this course, students will develop their own pilot podcast, either as individuals or in groups. The content of these podcasts will reflect critical principles from Africana thought and the humanities. Over the course of the semester students will:

  • Learn critical concepts and rhetorical strategies from great communicators like Frederick Douglass,
  • Martin Luther King and Audre Lorde.
  • Learn how to use digital editing software.
  • Learn how to use and maintain recording equipment.
  • Find a podcasting “voice” through which one can express defensible ideas.
  • Produce a podcast pilot, create a rampages site to promote and present it.
  • Learn how to use podcasting to advance social justice.
  • Get insight into how to navigate the world of podcasting as a person of color.

Interested students should have an interest in podcasting, an ability to learn somewhat complex audio production software, good writing skills and comfort with public speaking.
Guests lecturers in this course will include podcasters and broadcasters from NPR, WAMU, WCVE, Radiotopia and the Association of Independents in Radio.

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