ACLA: Translation, Transection, and Transformation

We had a fantastic panel, such that I’m already trying to engineer a reunion at ALTA. 

Below is the program as it finally came together, with links to our participants and their texts.

April 5th, 8:30am:
Anna Marshall – “The Trace of an Accent: Translation through Ghostwriting in Budapeste by Chico Buarque
Xiaomin Zu – “Between Transgression and Tradaptation: The Roundtrip Travel of The Dream of the Red Chamber from China to Japan and Back” 
Isabel Gomez – “The Afterlife of Emily Dickinson’s Poetry in Spanish: Between Indeterminacy and Faithless Love.”
Ana Lincoln – “Theories of Translation in Theresa Hak Kyung Cha’s Dictée

April 6th, 8:30am:
Gen Creedon – “Translating Environments: Disney’s National Park Lodges”
Veronika Ryjik – “Lope de Vega, Lenfilm and The Technicolor Time Machine.”
Wendy Hardenberg – “Faithful to What?: Transforming Translation Through Hindi अनुवाद (anuvad)”

April 7th, 8:30am: 
Zaid Suidan – “’AL-Birweh’s Ruin’: Mapping the Lyric in Translation” 
Anne Freeland – “Octavio Paz’s “Intimate Exoticism” and the Erotics of Translation”
Allen Hibbard – “Friendship, Cultural Antagonisms, and Civil War: Translating A Banquet for Seaweed by Syrian novelist Haidar Haidar”

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