Every once in a while

it all comes together. As a teacher, I live for this.

I almost never see it, but today it’s here: the perfect storm. For weeks my students have been debating at length the all-too-fuzzy distinction between public and private space. We’ve looked at a variety of issues: homelessness, parks, graffiti, universities, you name it. As part of this debate, we’ve been looking at the internet as a kind of “space,” not literal or geographic, but still something we all inhabit together.

Then this happens, all on one day:

American Censorship Day and Occupy Richmond occupies the mayor’s yard.

I feel so…fulfilled. In class we’re looking at Boone’s yard and 4chan (though we will not, of course, literally look at 4chan, as I would lose my job immediately). Who has the right to what space, and how are they allowed to use it?